Manuel Laboratory Technician | With Trodat since March 2012


I can’t function in the morning without coffee.

Laboratory Technician
With Trodat since March 2012

How I would describe my job to a friend:

I am responsible for chemical safety across the entire Trodat Trotec Group. In addition, we develop special test procedures and release tests for stamp rubber, flash foams, inks and cartridge materials.
My job is diverse; something different every day, because we work on a project basis.

What is the challenge in my job:

Participation in development projects from a chemical point of view is a core function. I am the contact person for ink production, internally and also for our customers. Particularly in the customising process ‒ the development of special inks according to customer requirements ‒ I feel completely at home. There are almost no limits, from stamp ink for concrete to etching ink for glass surfaces.

Where is my pioneering spirit:

I’ve been involved in Research & Development at Trodat from the start.
I see myself as a problem solver and I sometimes travel around the world visiting our company subsidiaries. It’s particularly exciting when something new is implemented in other countries. I supervise the process from the start of ink development through to our own series production.

What I particularly appreciate about Trodat:

In addition to the friendly interaction in the team, I particularly appreciate the fact that I can take part in decision-making in almost all areas of my job. 

Something personal about me:

In terms of sport, I like things a bit rougher; I love American Football (Steel Sharks). I’m most relaxed when I’m hiking, cooking or reading. 

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