Teresa Laboratory Technician | With Trodat since September 2017


Success is the ability to move on after failure without losing your enthusiasm!

Laboratory Technician
With Trodat since September 2017

How I would describe my job to a friend:

We produce clean stamp impressions on paper. Twice a week we carry out a production check of the end products. The stamps, cartridges and inks are carefully checked using checklists, which we develop ourselves in accordance with the respective requirements.
Because inks are extremely complex, there is no standard daily routine. The work in the laboratory is as varied as the colours themselves.

Where do I need a pioneering spirit in my job:

Red isn’t just red. The seemingly easy process of stamping the colour red is actually extensive, a universe of its own. Raw materials and manufacturers change, each colour is continuously developed in terms of contour sharpness, gloss, contrast and durability. 
New developments are particularly exciting. For this, we create test series, then an operational test up to the 0-series; everything is checked and documented in detail. Only then can you think about series production.

What I particularly appreciate about Trodat:

The varied role and the freedom to incorporate my own ideas.

Something personal about me:

My great love is my husky Tara, with whom I hike and jog every day. I find relaxation in my family and sometimes on a long shopping spree.

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